Xiaomi 70mai Pro GPS Module Dash Cam Pro Chinese Version Xiao Mi 70 Mai


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GPS Module for XIAOMI 70mai Dash Cam Pro

Sync date/time and Log GPS data in your 70mai Videos

Package Included:

1 * GPS ModuleChina Version.

Feature for 70mai PRO Dash Cam:

1. 24-Hour Monitor Always -on Protection of car.

With time lapse function and motion detection supported by G-sensor, 70 mai Pro can help recording

during parking mode.

2. 1944P Super High Definition .

5 mega pixel, 1944P resolution with WDR that adjusts the exposure balance capaturing in greater detail

both in darkness and strong light and produces a more clear and vibrant image.

3. Advanced Driver Assistance System Boost Your Driving Safety

Real time Alert warns you when veening off the lane and when about to hit another vehicle ahead.

4. With De-Fog Algorithm

Reduce distortion or degradation of images and reproduce a clear vision while driving in snow, smoke

and haze environment.

5. Next- Gen Mini Designing Behind Mirror

Designed to fit all car interior, concealed behind rear-view mirror.

6.   ADAS Supported

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