Xiaomi Mi Youpin Circle Joy Sparkling Wine Mini Champagne Stopper Rotary Lock Design Vacuum Efficient Preservation


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Features :
– Keep the bubbles, Retain the taste of happiness
**The magic of sparkling wine lies in the splitting of the bubble at the tip of the tongue, and the aroma of the taste buds jumps cheerfully. To keep her magic, keep every bubble, Circle Joy Mini Champagne Stopper to help you stay beautiful.
– Efficient sealed storage, Lock the fresh taste
**By optimizing the internal structure, the champagne stopper makes the wine stopper fir tightly on the bottle mouth, tightly locks the gas in the bottle, prevents the bubble from slowly dissipating after the bottle is opened, and realizes the efficient preservation of the first time.
– Sophisticated design. Wear a “hard hat” for your beloved wine
**The champagne stopper has a unique “small cap” design that fits the chubby arc of the sparkling wine bottle and is more harmonious. Mini size, small and exquisite, more convenient to save.
– Innovative rotart lock design. More efficient and easier to use
**The champagne stopper is designed to rotate and unlock the upper part of the wine stopper, then insert it into the bottle mouth and tighten it, then turn the upper part of the champagne stopper back into place to seal the storage.
– Intimate finger design. More comfortable to use
**Combined with the rotary lock design, the champagne stopper has three small grooves on the upper part that fir the fingertips, making it easier to ratate and easier to use.
– ABS durable material. Long lasting and easy to clean
**The chanpagne stopper shell is made of high quality ABS durable material, which is not easy to wear and is easy to clean.
– Selected food contact grade silicne. Safe and healthy
**The inner sealing part of the wine stopper is selected from the food contact grade silicone material for more peace of mind.

Specification :
Product Name : Circle Joy Round Stainless Steel Wine Stopper
Model : CJ – JS02
Material Stainless Steel + Silicone
Color Silver
Weight 100g
Size 41.6 x 60 mm

Package Includes :
1 x Circle Joy Sparkling Wine Mini Champagne Stopper