Xiaomi Mijia Jordan & Judy Touch Control LED Cosmetic Makeup Mirror Desktop Light Portable Folding Lighter Make up


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This is JORDAN & JUDY brand which is belongs to Xiaomi ecological chain. these two company cooperate together and produce this product . The quality is as good as xiaomi’s . please don’t worry.

。LED naturally fills light
。Adjustable angle
。Long battery life
。Touch-sensitive control
。What do you see in your eyes, It’s the real look in the eyes of others.
– Simple fashionable LED cosmetic mirror, high-definition mirror, natural light is not dazzling, clear and soft,
adjustable placement angle, convenient for skin care and makeup, but also can change into bedside lamp,
atmosphere lamp and self-shooting live light fixture.
。High density LED lamp. Soft and bright as moonlight
– High color LED light is adopted, and 33 light beads are evenly surrounded to simulate natural light and make up for
the lack of indoor light. 525LUX light intensity is clearer than ordinary makeup mirror, soft and not dazzling, and
more comfortable without strobe.
。Bright at the touch, open the aura that belongs to you
– With adjustable touch design, it can be opened by clicking lightly. According to the light of the environment and the
different atmosphere, the brightness of the lamp can be adjusted at will. The light can be automatically darkened by
pressing the switch key for a long time, and then it can be released when it is adjusted to the required brightness.
。High-definition mirror, exquisite makeup, clear skin care
– It adopts high-definition high-quality mirror, clear and no color difference, no distortion, so small that you can see
the curling degree of eyelashes, so that you can see the hair’s bias, restore the color of makeup, see the skin
condition, and daily skin care is more targeted.
。Not limited by the charging line. Rechargeable lithium battery
– Built-in 1000 mAh rechargeable lithium battery, rechargeable batteries, no need to change frequently, energy saving
and environmental protection, no extra wires, unrestrained, where can become your dressing room.
。Flexible adjustment of angle. Looking in the mirror is also a pleasure
– With fordable bracket, it is stable and not easy to topple. and the angle can be adjusted as needed , Easy to sit and
stand look at oneself in a mirror.Convenient to make-up and skin care from different perspectives.
。It’s not just about looking good, it’s about details are more particular.
。ABS material, hard shell, scratch and fall proof.
。Charging interface, using Android cell phone charging line.
。Back curvature, close to the hand habits, soft and comfortable

Basic parameters
Product Name: Desktop LED Cosmetic Mirror
Product model: NV026
Product color: White
Product Specification: 238*168*25mm
Product mirror: 232*162*2mm
Product standard: Q/J4419061-2018
Product Material: Shell: ABS, Mirror: Glass
Product weight: 370G
Rated voltage: 5V-1A
Battery capacity: 1200 mAh