Xiaomi Youpin Taste Plus MOTOMI Lightweight Wok 30cm Multi-purpose Pot Kitchen Cooking


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– Motofe Iron Work adopts anti-rust nitriding technology from Japan
***Abrasion resistant, rust proof, durable
– Continue China’s thousands years of delicacy cuisine tradition by stir-fry
– Higher purity Fe contest
***Take care of your family’s safety and health
– Transparent glass lid
***Take control of the cooking process by visual observation
– Ergonomic design on bakelite handle
***Possess more comfortable grip feeling while cooking
– Exhaust vent design
***Create better taste by adjusting internal pressure and moisture
– 900g body weight without lid
***Even woman can take it easy
– Oil scale line inside the wok pan
*** Add oil quantity flexibly based on the certain food
– Triangle rivet structure
*** Safer, stronger and more durable